As the late Bob Hoskins famously declared – “It’s good to talk.” And where fostering is concerned, this couldn’t be more true. Which is why here at Apple Fostering we’re delighted that so many famous faces have recently opened up about their foster care experiences, helping to shine a light on the important job foster carers do.

Experiences Shared by Famous People Who Were Fostered

In January this year luminaries such as Dame Helen Mirren, Joanna Lumley and Peter Capaldi all lent their names to a Barnardo’s campaign to recruit more foster carers.

Big names including Twiggy, Amanda Holden, Nicola Roberts and Russell Howard took part in the campaign by sharing childhood photos and stories.

Barnardo’s used the images to project onto buildings in London, Manchester and Glasgow during the charity’s sixth annual Fostering and Adoption Week.

The aim was to highlight the fact that more than 8,600 foster carers are urgently needed in the UK, and the charity used the famous faces to call on members of the public to consider becoming foster parents and help create happy childhood memories for vulnerable youngsters in the UK.

Meanwhile, a host of celebs lent their support to Foster Care Fortnight in May 2014.

Celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale shared her experiences of being in foster care, while pop star Gareth Gates, who is the son of a foster carer, spoke about the important work foster carers do. Award-winning author Jacqueline Wilson, who has written about children in foster care, and Cathy Glass, and author and foster carer herself, also supported the campaign.

Having high profile names talking about fostering is a great way to help get the word out about the work that foster carers do. And seeing those who have grown up in foster care and gone on to achieve great things is also important.

Over the years, many famous names including Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Cher, James Dean, and even Nelson Mandela have spent periods in foster care. By sharing the experiences of celebs who have been involved in fostering we hope that we can open up the discussion and get as many people as possible talking about this important issue.

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