Foster Care Fortnight 2015 – Get Involved!

The 2015 Foster Care Fortnight takes place Monday June 1 to Sunday June 14. It’s an initiative organised by the Fostering Network to raise the profile of fostering, and to encourage more people to come get involved and provide vital care and support for the children who need it most.

Foster Care Fortnight 2015 isn’t just for foster children and foster carers. At the moment, there are over 63,000 children living with 52,500 foster carers across the UK. With such large figures, the Fostering Network believe that it’s be possible for everyone in the country to discover some kind of connection to fostering. That’s why the theme of this year’s campaign is: “make a connection”.

Even if you’re not a foster carer yourself, perhaps you have family members, friends, neighbours, or working colleagues who are. Or perhaps you know somebody who grew up in foster care. In any case, fostering affects more people than many might realise, which is why the Fostering Network is inviting everyone to “make a connection” to fostering – to raise awareness, and to simply have a conversation.

Make a Connection

For a long time, the most effective tool for encouraging people to take up fostering has been the word of mouth effect generated by other fosterers. Through encouraging people across the UK to simply have a conversation about fostering, the Fostering Network anticipates that many will realise just how rewarding fostering can be.

But on top of this, Foster Care Fortnight 2015 intends to reach out to businesses and employers, to make them realise the vital role they play in facilitating foster care. One desired outcome of this campaign is to encourage workplaces across the country to develop new foster family friendly policies.

There are many official ways to get involved in Foster Care Fortnight 2015. The Fostering Network are running numerous workshops throughout the year to share ideas on how this year’s theme might be tailored to suit local needs. You can also join the debate on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #FCF2015.

But one of the best ways you can get involved – whether you’re already a foster carer or you’re interested in becoming one – is to simply “make a connection”. Talk to people! Your friends, your colleagues, your neighbours, your family, anyone. Start a conversation about fostering, and you might discover that you already have a strong connection. You may even encourage someone to make an enquiry to a fostering service.

During Foster Care Fortnight 2015, we at Apple Fostering will be particularly keen to hear from anyone who might be interested in becoming a foster carer. For more information, feel free to give us a call on 0345 057 3845.