Foster Care Payments

Fostering payments help a foster carer to provide care and meet the needs of a child

Foster care payments

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We believe that being a foster carer is an important job, so it’s important that our carers receive foster care payments to cover their costs.

We know that our carers do not take on the role of fostering lightly and also that it’s a full-time role, and not a voluntary service.

So as well as giving our carers training and support, we also ensure that they receive payments, to enable them to have the resources to care for children and young people in the best possible way.

What do fostering payments cover?

Carers receive an allowance to cover the cost of things like household bills, food, clothes, travel, school uniforms, pocket money, etc.

All foster carers receive payments into their bank account every fortnight, so that they always have enough money to pay for the things that are needed by the children or young people they are caring for.

The amount that foster carers are paid depends on various factors, including the age of the child or young person, and the type and length of care needed.

At Apple Fostering, our carers receive £372 per week for caring for a child under 13, and £412 per week for caring for a child aged 13 or over.
In certain circumstances carers may be paid more – if the child has special needs, for example, or if you are fostering a mother and baby.

In most cases, foster care payments are tax-free due to the HMRC foster carers’ tax exemption scheme. To make sure our carers know what they are entitled to, we give all of our carers the tax advice they need, by providing them with membership to

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