How to get into fostering

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So you’ve decided you’d like to become a foster carer, but what now? If you’ve been asking yourself how to get into fostering, the best way to get started is to carry out some research.

The first thing we would suggest is to have a browse of our site. We have tons of information that will help you. Why not start by taking a look at Our Foster Carers page to see if you meet the criteria for becoming a foster carer?

We also have a wealth of information about the actual fostering process you’ll need to go through if you apply to become a foster carer. Check out our page on Becoming A Foster Carer to find out more.

Our website covers important topics like what kind of allowances foster carers get, what assessment you must go through to become a foster carer, how to do fostering as a career, and lots more. So why not grab a cuppa and take a few moments to look through our site…


What to expect once you start the fostering process

Once you’ve done your initial research, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like to foster via your local authority, or through a private agency, like Apple Fostering. We suggest getting in touch with either your local council or a fostering agency for a preliminary chat.

If you apply via an agency like ours, you’ll be asked to undergo a CRB check and a health check. You’ll then be invited to a group preparation session with other potential carers. After this session the agency will assess whether you are a suitable candidate to foster. They’ll then send your application to an independent fostering panel, who will review the application and recommend whether or not you should become a foster carer. Finally, the agency will decide if you should become a foster carer.

If you’re accepted as a foster carer with an agency like ours, we’ll ensure that you receive ongoing training and support.

So there you have it, the top line on how to get into fostering.
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