How We Work With Children

At Apple Fostering we take a holistic approach to working with children and young people who are being cared for.

But the term that best sums up our approach is Social Pedagogy. This is an academic discipline that incorporates social learning, learning through interaction and creating learning opportunities.

The term pedagogy comes from the Greek ‘pais’, meaning child and ‘agein’, meaning to bring up or lead.

Followers of Social Pedagogy argue that educators such as social workers, foster carers, parents and teachers have an obligation to provide ‘opportunities for learning’.

At Apple Fostering we believe this is of the upmost importance, and we always strive to create these opportunities for children and young people whenever we can.

Holistic Approach.

Our aim is to support youngsters to develop coping strategies, build up self-confidence and learn in a constructive way. That’s why we always try to focus on positive experiences and empowerment for children. It’s really important to have that holistic approach.

What we do goes beyond standard health and safety regulations that all foster agencies need to follow. We know it’s vital that children are given opportunities to make positive experiences as this in turn can impact their self-belief and self-esteem.

Making mistakes is fine, as long as youngsters are allowed to learn from them in a positive way.

Positive Learning Opportunities

So, how do we and our foster carers create these learning opportunities?

There are a number of positive learning opportunities that we can offer our children:

  • Cooking a meal
  • DIY projects
  • Gardening
  • Playing an instrument
  • Looking after a pet

It’s important to try to understand youngsters as much as possible and to think about things from their point of view. We need to constantly be aware of their wants and needs, their hopes and fears.

At Apple Fostering we ensure all of our foster are trained to achieve this.

Our hope is to help children and young people to have positive learning experiences that teach valuable practical skills as well as important life skills, but are also fun and enjoyable.

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