Quality Assurances

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The Fostering Services National Minimum Standards requires fostering services to have clear procedures for monitoring and controlling the activities of the fostering service and ensuring quality performance. Apple Fostering Services have in place a range of legislations, minimum standard and clear policies for monitoring and controlling our activities and ensuring quality performance.

  • Statutory framework
  • Aims and Objectives
  • The quality assurance programme
  • Fostering Services Regulations 12(1) FRS 2011
  • National Minimum Standards 2011
  • The Care Standard Act 2000

We will remain true to our mission in ‘putting people first ‘in providing quality care for children and young people.

  • Truth – We act with care, compassion and integrity.
  • Quality – We set high standards for ourselves in meeting the assessed needs of children and young people placed with our foster carers.
  • Energy – We work with energy, enthusiasm and determination to ensure stability and positive outcomes.
  • Results – We measure outcomes and use them to ensure we provide quality services.