One of the most frequent questions that we get asked by individuals is whether or not they possess the skills and experience to become a foster carer. Here we offer some information to offer an answer to some of the most common questions that we get asked.

Am I the right kind of person to become a foster carer?

The answer is quite simply this: people who work in fostering are ordinary individuals who happen to have a special interest in helping children and their families. The three core skills that a foster carer needs to succeed on a personal level are patience, empathy and the ability to understand the feelings of children who are experiencing a crisis in their family or personal lives.

On top of these core skills, it is imperative to have a good sense of humour, a positive attitude toward life, and a fundamental belief in the positive qualities of kids and young adults. These qualities are essential as they help you to fully appreciate the work that you will be doing (which can be difficult at times), and to keep a positive outlook which can only help the children that you are fostering.

If you can relate to these qualities and feel that they define you, then fostering may well be for you.

Do I need a lot of experience with children?

As is the case with most jobs and careers, experience is very important. With experience comes confidence in a variety of situations, and a capacity to reflect on situations and have a variety of ways to manage them. These qualities, which mainly come from personal experience, could be another indicator that you are a good fit for foster work.

However, you may have experience in a completely different field which you decided is not for you – and thus decided that fostering may be a path you’d like to go down. We do know that everyone needs to start somewhere. Upon getting in contact with us to become a foster parent, we’ll invite you along to an informal session or we’ll visit you to discuss your  skills. Following this, we’ll invite you to attend a skills to foster preparation group in which we’ll instruct you on what fostering involves. Finally, you can formally apply to be assessed on you eligibility to foster – a process that we support you though 100%.

These measure are in place to discover the level of experience you have with children, either with your own, professionally (for instance, as a teacher), or with children in your family. These steps help us to determine if you have the required skills for fostering.

Do I need qualifications?

You don’t necessarily need to have qualifications in childcare to be considered for the role. Fostering is a profession which makes good use of personal skills and experiences, meaning that theoretical understanding and qualifications in childcare are not necessarily a must.

If you have any more questions on how to become a foster carer, or would like to know if you are eligible to start a career in fostering, feel free to contact us by email at or give us a call on 0345 057 3845, we are more than happy to help.