Emergency Foster Care

Emergency Foster Care


Find out everything you need to know about emergency foster care…

Emergency foster care is needed in instances where a child or young person urgently needs a foster home. This may be for a night, a few days, or longer. Often there is a need for emergency foster care at night, during a weekend or public holiday, as well as during the day. This means that if you opt to provide emergency foster care, you will need to be available at short notice.

Emergency Foster Care

Qualities needed from carers providing emergency fostering placements:

  • • Flexible
  • • Able to adapt to changing circumstances
  • • Potential to support the child in the long-term as well as short-term

If you want to provide emergency foster care you will also need to have a spare room available for the youngster and their belongings.

You may choose to carry out emergency care in addition to other fostering placements, or you may opt just to make yourself available for emergency fostering. Emergency fostering may be needed if a parent is suddenly taken ill and there isn’t anyone else to look after the child, or perhaps if there is a child protection issue in the family.

Many youngsters needing emergency foster care will be distressed or scared by the events that have led to them being in need of foster care, so it’s important that foster carers can deal with the situation with sensitivity and understanding.

Once the child has been placed with a foster carer, a social worker will assess whether they should return to their family, or remain with the foster carer.

This means you may need to provide short-term or sometimes long-term foster care for the child. If you’d like to know more about emergency foster care, please call us on 0845 057 3845 or complete our online inquiry form.