Fostering Babies and Toddlers

Babies & Toddlers – Want to know more about fostering babies?

At Apple Fostering we sometimes have opportunities to foster babies and toddlers. These types of placements are often needed to prepare young babies or toddlers for adoption, or to return to their family home.

Fostering babies and toddlers with Apple Fostering London

If you decide to foster a baby or toddler then you will generally work closely with the birth parents, ensuring there is regular contact. You may also be asked to host introduction meetings for the prospective adoptive parents to meet the baby or toddler.

Therefore it is very important if you decide to foster a baby or toddler that you have the required skills.

Fostering a baby

The qualities we look for in anyone wanting to foster a baby, is that they are particularly sensitive and caring, in order to facilitate a positive experience for both the baby and the parents involved.

Part of your role as a foster carer for a baby will be arranging and taking the child to meetings with the birth parents, arranging medical appointments, and supporting any medical needs.
Fostering a baby can be a demanding role, but can also be immensely rewarding.

If you do decide that fostering a baby is right for you, we will give you all the support and guidance you need.

We offer ongoing training and have a strong support system for our carers in place. We also provide training to help foster carers to deal with the feelings of loss that may arise when the babies or toddlers move on.

If you’d like to know more about fostering babies, please call us on 0845 057 3845 or complete our online inquiry form.