Fostering Disabled Children

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Fostering Disabled Children

Looking for information aboutfostering disabled children? Read on…

There is often a need for foster care for children with various health conditions, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities such as autism, hyperactivity, attention deficits or reading difficulties.

Fostering children with disabilities can often require extra care and affection. In some cases they may need accessible housing set-ups, e.g. downstairs bathroom and bedroom. Some may also need medication or care routines.

Fostering disabled children can sometimes be challenging, but can also be highly rewarding.

Skills Required When Fostering Disabled Children

To be a carer of a disabled child you will need certain qualities. These include:

  • • Being dedicated to enabling the child to reach their full potential
  • • Being willing to undergo training
  • • If relevant, learning appropriate communication or medical skills

At Apple Fostering, we give all our carers of disabled children specialist ongoing training and support.

Foster carers of disabled children will also be provided with short respite breaks in certain circumstances.

This means they can benefit from a short break, while the child is temporarily looked after by another carer, or they may embark on a break with the child at a specialist residential unit for disabled children.

We also take steps to facilitate the use of relevant services for disabled children.

  • • We put our foster carers of disabled children in touch with the organisers of local activity-based programmes aimed specifically at children and young people with disabilities.
  • • We liaise with occupational health professionals to provide appropriate equipment where needed
  • • We provide appropriate training courses for carers in specialist areas such as sign language or manual moving and handling if needed

If you’d like to know more about fostering disabled children, please call us on 0845 057 3845 or complete our onlineinquiry form.