Long Term Fostering

Long term fostering placements

Long Term Fostering Placements

Interested in long term fostering?  This page will answer all your questions on long term fostering…

There are many different types of foster care placements, which vary depending on the needs of the child.

For example, you may be needed for emergency foster care, where a child must stay with a carer for a night or two before a placement is found for them, or you may be needed for longterm fostering, where you will be responsible for the child until they are ready to leave home.

What is long-term fostering?

Long term fostering is also known as permanent fostering. If a child cannot return to the care of their birth family for whatever reason and adoption is not an option, then longterm fostering may be needed.

A long term fostering placement will last for as long as the child or young person needs it, often until they are ready to leave home.

In general, children who need long term fostering are likely to be aged seven and over. They will often benefit from staying in touch with siblings, parents or other relatives.

In many cases, children in long term fostering placements will stay with their carers until they are ready to leave home and live independently. However, sometimes a situation may change, meaning they can return to the care of their parents earlier than expected.

A long term fostering placement gives a child stability and security whilst also allowing them to keep in contact with their birth family, where appropriate.

If you are thinking about applying for a long term fostering placement, there are a number of things you need to bear in mind, which would be discussed with you during an initial visit.

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