Mother and baby foster placements

Mother and baby foster placements

Mother and baby foster care placments

Looking for information on mother and baby foster placements?

Read on… In certain circumstances a mother and baby will need to be fostered together.

This may be because the mother is experiencing difficulties, so she and her baby will both be placed in foster care.

Mother and baby foster placements are often needed following a court referral, and will be used instead of sending the mum and child to a mother and baby unit.

The decision to place a mother and baby in a foster placement together will usually come from the baby’s social worker. It is something that is usually decided on if the mum isn’t coping well and is in need of extra help, but doesn’t have a support network to turn to.

Qualities Needed for Mother and baby foster placements

As a foster carer embarking on a mother and baby foster placement, you will need certain qualities. These include:

  • • Sensitivity
  • • Commitment
  • • Confidence
  • • Flexibility

You won’t necessarily be required to provide parental care, but rather you will need to help and encourage the mother to develop her parenting skills.  You will also often be required to observe and record how the mum looks after the baby.

A mother and baby foster placement can be challenging, but is ultimately very rewarding for all those involved. The ideal outcome is that the mother will learn how to care for and look after her child independently, by the end of the placement.

At Apple Fostering we always ensure that those carrying out mother and baby foster placements are given all the support and training they may need. They also receive a fostering allowance, which takes into account the face that they are looking after both the mother and the baby.

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