Part Time Fostering

Part Time Fostering

Part time fostering placements

Looking for information about part time fostering? We can help.

One of the many types of fostering placements that we offer is part time fostering.

Sometimes foster carers are unable to commit to being a full time carer, so we also have some part time fostering opportunities.

These opportunities occur when a child is deemed not to need full time foster care.

Part time fostering placements generally involve the child being cared for in the foster carer’s home, but the difference to full time fostering is that it won’t involve the carer looking after the child every day, but rather on select days, nights or weekends.

This means that these opportunities are open to foster carers who can offer different levels of time and commitment. So part time fostering may be suitable for someone who has particular work commitments.

For example, a child may need to be looked after for one weekend per month. Or perhaps for the odd night as and when it’s needed, or even for certain days during the school holidays.

Often part time fostering is used to give a child’s birth parents a break when they need it.

What’s Involved in Part Time Fostering

Part time fostering is suitable for people who are keen to become foster carers, but need to fit fostering around other commitments.

The length of time spent caring for the child will vary depending on the needs of the child and their family, but can be anything from an evening, to a weekend, to a number of days.

The part time fostering arrangement may last for a few months, or could last for anything up to a few years.

If you’d like to know more about part time fostering, please call us on 0845 057 3845 or complete our online inquiry form.