Short Term Fostering

Short Term Fostering

Short term fostering provides relief to existing foster parents and carers

Want to know more about short term fostering?

We have information on everything to do with short term foster care… Short term fostering is needed when a child requires care for a few weeks or months, generally while plans are made for the child’s future.

In some cases a child who is placed in a short term fostering placement may have the placement extended to a long term one with the same carers. This will happen if the child, foster carers and social workers come to an agreement that this is the best course of action.

Alternatively, following a short term foster care placement, the child may return home to their family, or may go on to be adopted, or may be placed in a long term foster care placement with different foster carers.

What is Short term fostering?

Short term foster care is often needed by children who are undergoing care proceedings, or whose parents are unable to look after them for a short period of time – e.g. they may be in hospital, or unable to cope at the moment for whatever reason.

Short term foster care often involves working with the child or young person to prepare them to move on to a more permanent family arrangement. Short term fostering can involve anything from a month up to two years of foster care.

Generally, a short term fostering placement will require the foster carer to facilitate regular meetings with the child’s birth family. Or they may be required to introduce the child to new adoptive parents.

This type of fostering placement can be very rewarding, but it can also be difficult when the time comes to say goodbye to the child as they become ready to move on.

At Apple Fostering we always provide our carers with plenty of support to deal with this, to ensure the whole experience is as positive as possible for both the carer and the child.

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