Whether you’re already a foster carer, or you’re considering becoming one, there’s a wealth of information and support available.

However, there’s one major resource that many fosterers might not be aware of. It’s free to access, it’s available 24/7, and it’s updated every single day with all the latest hints, tips, stories, and news.

Not sure what we mean? We’ll give you a clue – you’re reading it right now.

At least, you’re reading a small part of it.

We’re talking, of course, about the internet – specifically, the many, many blogs dedicated to all things fostering.

At Apple Fostering, Apple Fostering’s blog, which we regularly update with news, information, and helpful advice. If you’ve not yet bookmarked our blog, do so now!

Yet there are many more excellent blogs out there. Some are written by other foster parents, which means that they feature truly invaluable first-hand accounts of daily fostering life. Others are written by former foster children – so if you ever wanted an insight into just what your foster children might be going through, prepare to become an avid reader.

The Fostering Network

The Fostering Network works with over 400 fostering services and nearly 60,000 foster carers, whilst playing a direct role in influencing policy and practice at every level. Needless to say, their fostering blog is one of the best.

Foster Care UK

Foster Care UK have a series of blogs entitled “Reflections of a Foster Carer”, in which they give some of the carers they work with a chance to share their stories. It’s always a moving and inspirational read, and foster carers everywhere are sure to find something they relate to.

The Secret Foster Carer

The Secret Foster Carer blog is written by a carer who works with independent fostering agency, Blue Sky Fostering. It covers the sort of honest, heartfelt, and compelling issues that all carers may one day face. Come here to feel empowered and less alone.

Foster Care News

As their name makes clear, Foster Care News are committed to covering all of the latest developments in the world of UK fostering – whether it’s new studies, statistics, policies, or stories.

Foster Parents Everywhere

Another fantastic resource that’s prepared to discuss the sort of issues that many choose to ignore. The blogger might be based in the US, but this blog will almost certainly strike a chord with foster carers everywhere.

A Single Male Foster Carer’s Blog

Not all foster families are the same, and if yours doesn’t fit the archetype – as flawed as that archetype might be – it’s easy to feel marginalised. Compass Fostering, though, regularly post their Single Male Foster Carer’s Blog. It’s moving, insightful and, if you’re going at this alone, indispensable.

I Was a Foster Kid

Having been written by a former foster child, you can be sure that the hints and tips featured on this blog come from a very good place. They’re the sort of things that the blogger wishes their foster parents had known. You’ll struggle to find a more authoritative source of advice.

If you know of any other great fostering blogs – or better yet, if you write one yourself – please feel free to share them below! We’d love to hear from you.