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Fostering enables us to provide a secure family life to any child or young person who cannot live with their parents, for whatever reason.

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As an independent foster care agency in London, our goal is to become the leading agent of change in foster care services throughout the area.

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Welcome to Apple Fostering. Here at Apple, we know just how rewarding and enriching the fostering experience can be for children in unfortunate circumstances, especially when it’s done right. We’re here to answer any questions you have about fostering in London —and to help young people get settled in a loving home as soon as possible.

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Trusted by the community

With a wealth of experience, Apple Fostering is a trusted foster care agency in London that leads the way when it comes to strengthening vulnerable children, their parents, and the community. We thrive on innovation, thinking differently, and bringing those life-changing magic moments to those who need it most.

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Support & training

Foster carers are superheroes – everyday people with a big heart, kindness, and courage to provide stability in the lives of children who may have had little stability before. Fostering is selfless, allowing thousands of children to feel safe and loved again.

To give back to all of our incredible foster carers, we offer unrivaled levels of support and training. In turn, this also ensures that we provide the best environment possible for all the children in our care.

Types of placements

With a clear vision in mind, we specialize in all aspects of foster care in London. This includes:

  • Emergency Foster Care
  • Short-term Foster Care
  • Long-term Foster Care
  • UASC placements
  • Parent and Child Placement
  • Children with disabilities

Ready to start your Journey?

Head over to our Knowledge Centre and find out more about foster care through our constantly updated blogs, videos, and infographics, which will provide you with all of the information you need and more. If you’re ready to start your fostering journey, feel free to get in touch with our friendly advisors, who will walk you through the entire process from A to Z.

More Information

With our support, foster care in London has never been more accessible

Our passions lie in providing safe, secure, and nurturing foster placements, in which we let young people thrive emotionally. We support all aspects of training, support, and professional development, that go hand in hand with our listening skills to ensure we consistently offer top-notch care.

Our wonderful services allow us to confidently ensure that you will be as best prepared for fostering as you possibly can be. In fact, you’ll be so confident, that you’ll feel ready to take on the world!

Our Aims

Apple Fostering provides next-level support to people who want to deliver the highest quality foster care services. Our objective is to provide love, care, and compassion to every child or young person who cannot live with their birth family, and needs an opportunity to live a stable and peaceful life. We’re always here for you; we’re stronger together.

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Whether you’re ready to start your journey or just want to chat to an expert, we’re here to talk.

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