Data Protection

You have probably had some emails from online services asking you to confirm that you want to stay on their mailing lists. This is because, from 25thMay2018 all organisations who collect and process personal data are required to conform to the new GDPR,(General Data Protection Regulations). Collecting personal data just means keeping a record of names, addresses and other information; processing it means that you use that information for a particular purpose, like running a fostering agency!

As a fostering agency, Apple Fostering is required to collect and process information about you and the children placed with you to comply with the fostering regulations. Our justification for doing, in the words of the data protection regulations is because we have a “legal obligation” and because we are performing a “public task”.

Collecting information

We collect information about you from different places:

  • Directly from you
  • From a third party e.g. statutory checks
  • From publicly available sources
  • From other organisations

We only collect information about you so that we can comply with the child care and fostering regulations and law. This may occur in any of the work that we do. You’re responsible for making sure that you give us accurate and up to date information.We will use it to support the fostering of children,

  • To confirm your identity and address
  • To understand about your fostering career,
  • To carry out your instructions
  • To improve our fostering services
  • We’ll only use your information where we’re allowed to by law in support of children and the fostering function,

Sharing Information

We are careful with all the information that we collect and only share it where there is a reason to do so. The main recipients of your information, outside of the agency will be:

  • Local authorities who are considering or have made placements with you;
  • Ofsted when they undertake inspections of the agency;
  • Other agencies concerned with a child placed e.g. educational and health professionals

Sending Information

If we are sending information to you, between the people who work in the agency or to local authorities then we will follow the following guidance and expect you to do so as well:

  • Emails to foster carers, between Apple Staff and from foster carers will only be sent using Apple Fostering email accounts;
  • Emails to local authorities, health professionals, schools and others with information about yourselves or the children placed with you will only containinitials and no identifying information;
  • If detailed notes or reports need to be sent other than to another Apple Fostering email address, then they should be sent to your Supervising Social Workerso that they can be sent securely to the other party.

Storing Information

All of the information that we hold about you is stored in secure electronic systems. Papercopies of that information may be prepared for the purpose of meetings but will be destroyed afterwards. The electronic records will be held securely for 10 years following you ceasing to foster (either as a result of deregistration or resignation).

If you want to read any more about the changes in the data protection regulations, you may want to look at the Information Commissioner’s Internet pages:

If you have got any questions, please contact Karen or Cecilia.