Apple Fostering is a leading fostering agency in the UK, and we’re looking for more foster carers to join our team.

The transfer process can be complicated, but thanks to a streamlined process that will fast-track your application and aim to complete your assessment in just 12 weeks, transferring over should be much easier than you think. Plus with one of the country’s best fostering agencies by your side, you know you’ll experience something different when it comes to fostering with us.

At Apple Fostering, we believe that fostering a young person is more than just providing a home and care for them. It’s a commitment to seeing them through their childhood and teenage years, giving them a sense of security as they transition into adulthood. Whether you’re an experienced carer looking for new opportunities or someone who has always considered fostering but never thought it was possible due to your living circumstances, we have something different just for you.

We work hard to ensure that our carers are supported, respected and treated as part of the family. We work together with you to create an individual plan for your young person’s future based on their needs and wishes – supporting them through all stages of life, from leaving school or starting university to moving out into independent living.

High-Quality Training

We offer an extensive training programme, so you can feel confident in knowing that your young person is being cared for by a professional team. Our ethos of fostering goes beyond the care and support we provide to young people – it’s also about giving them opportunities and experiences which they might not otherwise have had, including working with our tailored programmes to prepare children and teenagers for their future.

OFSTED Approved

Together with ‘Good’ ratings by Ofsted, you can be confident that your next step into fostering with Apple Fostering will be a positive one. We’re passionate about fostering because we know it can make such a big impact on the lives of young people who need us most. There isn’t anywhere else that makes fostering as easy or rewarding as Apple Fostering.

Generous Fostering Allowances

Our generous fostering allowances are there to support you, your family, and most importantly, the young person in your care. We know that you work hard to provide the best possible care to your foster child, and our fostering allowances reflect just how much we appreciate you.

In addition to a weekly payment, you’ll also have access to our unique rewards platform. There, you’ll benefit from hundreds of discounts to leading brands and services, along with a world of experiences.

Transition Through Care With Us

Our process is designed to ensure that you don’t need to go through a lengthy, time-consuming application twice. We aim to complete the assessment in just 12 weeks and have developed an extensive training programme so our staff can provide you with all of the work and support you need.

To read more about our fostering services, check out the Apple Fostering Knowledge Centre. There, you can also download a copy of our free eGuide ‘Transitioning Through Care’ with useful information on the transfer process.

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