Supporting you all the way

At Apple Fostering, we pride ourselves on the high level of support we offer our foster carers. As a reputable London fostering agency, we completely understand that whilst very rewarding, fostering can also be extremely demanding.

We want to offer children and young people placed with our foster carers the security and stability they need in order to grow and develop. To help our carers to offer this high standard of care we think it is important to be flexible, and to be readily available to offer advice and support as needed.


All approved carers will have an allocated Supervising Social Worker to support them in the fostering task. As well as formal monthly supervision sessions, the supervising social worker will keep in regular contact through phone calls, visits and emails. They will also be readily available in difficult circumstances or where extra support or advice is required.

At Apple fostering we also employ support workers whose role is to assist carers in a number of ways: for instance, by taking children to school, for contact with their family or by providing a tailored package of support depending on the needs of an individual child.

We offer regular training and support groups where carers and staff can meet and share experiences and knowledge, both formally and informally.


All prospective foster carers begin their training with the “Skills to Foster” course. This covers the following areas:

  • What foster carers do

  • Understanding the needs of children in foster care

  • Safe-caring

  • Helping children to deal with change

  • Managing challenging behaviour

  • Working with children who display sexualised behaviour

  • Survival techniques for foster carers

  • The placement process and finance matters

  • Preparing for Panel

  • First Aid

Once you have been approved as a foster carer you will be expected to continue to attend regular training. Your supervising social worker will discuss your individual learning needs with you, this may include specific reading material as well as more formal courses.

What our Foster Carers say about us

“I couldn’t do it without your support.”

“It is good to know there is a support worker there, when I need to be in two places at once.”

“I know I can get through to you on the mobile at any time when I have an emergency.”

“It’s good to meet the other carers at training as we work so well together.”

“I feel valued by Apple.”