What do foster carers do?

Wondering what do foster carers do?

Foster carers play an essential role in a child’s life, whether the child is in their care for a week or a number of years. The care provided by a foster carer is irreplaceable and we believe that all children deserve the highest standard of care. Caring for a child is one of hardest jobs there is, but it is also the most rewarding.

Apart from looking after children on a day-to-day basis and meeting their many individual needs, foster carers will often come into contact and work alongside other people who play significant roles in a child’s life. Most important amongst these are the child’s family.

Foster carers have a vital role to play in enabling contact between a child and his or her family to take place. Foster carers also deal with social workers, teachers, doctors and health visitors and occasionally members of the legal profession.

Fostering is all about working as part of a team and help is always available to support you. What foster carers do and the support and care they provide to children comes under three different headings:

Foster carers provide a safe and stable environment for children

Firstly, to provide the basic necessities which we all need; a safe home, food and clothing for the child. The child must be safe from danger and live in a harmless environment where there is no threat of potential danger. The child must also receive any medical treatment necessary and special measures must be taken for disabilities.

Foster carers develop, nurture and support children

Secondly, to develop a strong and loving relationship with a child, the child must feel cherished, cared for and listened to. This includes securing a good education, attending family meetings and supporting the child to develop a positive relationship with their existing family. It is important that children from different origins and religious beliefs are educated on their culture.

Foster carers develop fostering skills and comply with rules and guidelines

Thirdly, foster carers must follow and comply with local authority fostering policies and guidelines. They should also complete ongoing training to further develop their skills as well as to keep up to date of all the rules laid out by all local authorities.

On a daily basis foster careers must provide support, love and attention to a child or young person. At Apple Fostering we support foster carers every step of the way with 24/7 support.

Fostering is a vital part of society as all children have a right to experience a high quality and positive life. Foster carers provide an invaluable service and are in short supply.

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