The Support We Provide to Foster Carers

Foster carers provide a much-needed service in looking after children and young people who are often vulnerable. At Apple Fostering, we aim to provide as much support for our foster carers as possible, so in turn, they can do an incredible job in caring for young people in the community.

Support for Foster Carers

It is important that we provide the support for foster carers that’s needed. We offer encouragement, support, and training to all of our foster carers, so that they have all the tools they need to look after the children or young people in their care, even those with complex needs. We do this by services and by offering training, advice and ongoing support.

How We Provide Support to Our Foster Carers?

Support for foster carers comes in the form of peer mentoring and support groups, as well as professional supervision. We work in the context of Government legislation and guidance to ensure that our training is constantly up to date.

We always make sure that our foster carers are made aware of the support and training on offer and that they have round-the-clock access to a support line. We know that by providing the best support for foster carers, we can we will ensure we see the best outcomes possible for all of young people in our placements.

Working With Local Authorities

At Apple Fostering we work with Local Authorities to provide high-quality, best-value, well supported fostering placements with foster carers who are trained and enabled to care for complex children and young people who encompass a variety of challenges.

When a child is placed, they will be appropriately matched giving consideration particularly to the race culture and religion of each child, the safety of each child, the skills of the carer(s), and the needs of the child. We are able to make a contribution to childcare planning meetings; childcare reviews within court proceedings, offering our assessment of the child’s needs, and provide available resources to meet these needs.