Become a Foster Carer and Help Children in London Flourish and Grow

What is Fostering

Fostering is a way of providing a stable family life for children and young people, who are unable to live with their parents at a point in time. This allows children the chance to thrive in a safe, secure, loving and caring home environment with foster carers. The children and young people placed with foster carers are from a diverse range of backgrounds and will display different behavior depending upon their various experiences.

All children and young people are different, making it difficult to define a “typical child”. However, what you can expect is that, as with any child or young person, they need security, stability and the chance to develop and thrive with carers who understand children’s needs and have empathy for their situation.

Becoming a foster carer is one of the most rewarding things you can do…

… But what’s involved in becoming a foster carer?

Many people ask ‘can I foster?’ The answer is mostly likely to be yes! But becoming a foster parent sounds like there’s a lot of paper work involved. This guide will bring some clarity on what is involved in becoming a foster parent

So who can foster?

There are many misconceptions about who can foster, but in reality if pretty much anyone can apply to foster as long as they have a spare room and a passion and interest in being around and caring for children.

You are eligible to apply to foster regardless of whether you are:

  • Married, divorced or single
  • Male or female
  • Gay or straight
  • Already looking after your own children
  • Employed, unemployed or retired
  • A home owner or rent or receive housing benefits

The fostering process

When you apply to become a foster carer with Apple Fostering, there are a number of steps that you will go through:

  • First enquiry – Get in touch with Apple Fostering to register your interest in about becoming a foster carer
  • Initial contact with you – We’ll give you a call or meet to find out a bit about you and explain what we do
  • Application form and references. We’ll ask you to fill in a detailed form about yourself and members of your household. This will include Criminal Records Bureau checks (CRB), health records review and requesting employment and personal references.
  • Fostering preparation training session – We will invite you to attend a group preparation session with other applicants so that you can find out more about fostering. We’ll explain the types of foster parents we are looking for and the types of foster care we provide.
  • Assess your suitability to foster – A social worker will visit you several times. This is so that we can find out if you’re suitable and discuss your reasons for becoming a foster parent and discuss your experience with children. This process will include meeting with your immediate family and discussing your living arrangements and requesting references. Please note, the assessment process can take up to six months.
  • Approval process – We will send your application to an independent fostering panel and they will review the application and recommend if you should become a foster carer or not. Apple Fostering will then take the final decision to approve you as a foster carer. You may be asked to attend a meeting with the fostering panel and with us before we make the make the final decision. The results of the assessments will also give recommendations of which kind of child will be best suited to you.
  • You become a foster carer and join the Apple Fostering team.

Training to help you become a foster carer

As part of the preparation and assessment potential foster carers’ complete fostering training. Training is available from Apple fostering to ensure you deliver the highest standard of care. Specific training is available to match

the requirements of children who need to be cared for. Foster carers receive ongoing training throughout their time with apple fostering to ensure that they pass their annual review and successfully provide for the children they look after.

At Apple fostering we aim to deliver the highest standards on behalf of children and young people. We follow the fostering regulations with great detail to ensure that our carers deliver the best support for children.

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