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If you are already fostering you will be aware that fostering children and young people can be both challenging and rewarding, and FosterTalk believes that all foster carers should have access to effective support networks and resources to help them in their fostering role.

all of our foster Carers become members of foster talk to give them independent advice as a Carer.

FosterTalk has developed the most comprehensive independent support package available to foster carers today. FosterTalk offers confidential, impartial advice, support and guidance to foster carers across the UK through our FosterTalk Membership package, our acclaimed Foster Carers Independent Support Service (FISS) our new FISS PLUS service and a comprehensive training programme including our new Journey to Foster preparation course and post approval training for foster carers and staff, enabling fostering services to offer up to date and relevant training to their foster carers and staff.

FosterTalks aim is to make a real difference to the lives of foster carers, which in turn helps them to make a difference to the lives of looked after children. We understand that fostering involves everybody in the household – not just the main carer – so we believe it’s only right that our great range of benefits extend to the entire foster carer household.

Foster Carer Membership Benefits

Full Foster Carer memberships benefit the whole household and includes

  • Foster Carers Legal Advice Service
  • Foster Carers Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Arrest and Interview Assistance
  • Foster Carer Accountancy and Tax Advice
  • Foster Carers Counselling Helpline
  • Foster Carers Education Advisory Service
  • Fostering Advice Helpline
  • Foster Carers Medical and First Aid Helpline
  • FosterTalk Member Discounts
  • FosterTalk Magazine
  • FosterTalk Members Guide

Retired Foster Carer Membership Benefits

Comprehensive Legal Protection Insurance– covering you, your partner and extended family members for legal costs in connection with your role as a foster carer and provides specialist solicitor(s), in the event of:

  • Arrest & Interview under caution
  • Defence against Criminal prosecution
  • Defence against Civil claims
  • Legal assistance to represent your case against a recommendation to the barred list (DBS).

You will also have access to a 24 hour legal helpline and continue to receive a complimentary copy of the FosterTalk quarterly magazine.

Pre-Approval Membership Benefits

Pre-approval membership aims to support prospective foster carers through the assessment process to answer important questions they may have around their new vocation and encourage them to complete the process until approval.

With FosterTalk’s pre-approval membership, prospective foster carers can access unlimited professional independent advice, information and support during the assessment and training process. Prospective foster carers will be able to speak confidentially to FosterTalk advisors and can use the services as often as they need to.

Once approved, pre-approval memberships will be extended to include full legal expenses insurance cover for carer 1 and carer 2, the carer’s birth children and parents as well as any dependent members of the fostering household.

FosterTalk’s pre-approval membership includes

  • General fostering advice helpline
  • 24-hour legal advice helpline
  • Accountancy and tax advice
  • 24-hour counselling helpline
  • Personal finance advice helpline
  • Quarterly magazine
  • Thousands of high street discounts
  • Education advisory service
  • 24-hour medical and first aid helpline
  • See Pre-Approval Leaflet for more information

Special Guardians Membership Benefits

If you’ve recently become a Special Guardian, or if you’re considering it, it is worth understanding that special guardians can face the same types of issues and challenges as foster carers.

The FosterTalk SGO membership provides a range of specialist support services to support Special Guardians with information and advice around Special Guardianship Orders, including advice and support on the practicalities and legal framework surrounding SGO’s.

Your membership will include:

  • Allegation, Variation and Discharge Challenge Protection – SGO membership will cover the Special Guardian in the event of an allegation, variation or a discharge challenge with legal cover.
  • Legal Insurance to challenge DBS Referrals – Legal insurance will support an appeal if an allegation is made with a referral to DBS.
  • Legal Insurance against Civil Claims – If a civil action is taken out relating to the child, this will be covered with legal insurance.

FosterTalk SGO Membership is available for fostering services to purchase on behalf of individuals taking on a Special Guardianship Order, or it is available for you to sign up as an individual. Either way, you will have access to the most up to date information and advice relating to Special Guardianships.

FosterTalk’s Special Guardians Membership Includes:

  • 24 hour Legal Helpline
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Tax & Personal Finance Advice– Including; Tax, Benefits & National Insurance Advice & a Self-Assessment Service.
  • FosterTalk Member Discounts– we provide access to thousands of special offers on lifestyle
    products and services
  • FosterTalk Communications– Including; FosterTalk E-Newsletter, Fostering News Round-Up and Regular Fostering & FosterTalk Updates
  • 24 hour Counselling Helpline
  • 24 hour Medical & First Aid Helpline
  • Education Advisory Service
  • Special Guardianship Advice
  • See our information leaflet to find out more

FosterTalk Organisational Membership

FosterTalk has been working in partnership with fostering services throughout the UK for over 15 years and we understand the challenges facing organisations and individuals in their task of supporting foster carers and looked after children.

FosterTalk memberships provide the most comprehensive support packages available to foster carers, fostering services and their staff, at a competitive price, improving the recruitment and retention of key staff and foster carers alike.


Practice advice and guidance Organisational staff members can access good practice guidance on all aspects of fostering, including:

  • assessments, approvals and reviews
  • staying put
  • delegated authority
  • regulation, legislation and National Minimum Standards
  • allegations handling and supporting foster carers during allegations

Our practice advice and guidance service is available between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and can be accessed via telephone and email.

Legal helpline

  • Members can access our team of legal advisers to discuss any legal or legal related matters 24 hours a day/7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Counselling helpline

  • Members will have round the clock access to our team of qualified counsellors or can offer telephone support on personal and stress related matters 24 hours a day/7 days a week, 365 days a year.


  • Members can access over 4,500 offers on lifestyle products and services through our partners You at Work.

FosterTalk magazine and e-newsletters

  • Members will have access to our quarterly fostering magazine full of hot topics and useful information covering a range of fostering related matters. We also publish regular e-newsletters with fostering related news and updates.

Downloadable information leaflets

  • Members will have access to pdf files on key topics such as supporting foster carers during allegations, supervision and support, tax and benefits

Preferential rates for training on key topics

Members will benefit from reduced rates for staff and foster carer training on key topics including:

  • supporting foster carers during allegations -staff training
  • managing allegations -foster carer training
  • Supervision skills for supervising social workers

Preferential rates for attendance at FosterTalk events and fostering focus days FosterTalk hosts many events around the UK to support foster carers and fostering service workers in a range of topics including foster carer finances, allegations and tax and tax and benefits/financial planning.

Find out more in our Organisational Membership Leaflet!

FosterTalk Training & Events

For more information about our training please click here.