A once in a lifetime pandemic, strict budgets, and travel restrictions can definitely put a halt to your usual summer foster care activities. Although this year may be challenging when it comes to the in-place Covid-19 precautions, summer 2021 can still be your best one yet. All you need is a little creativity, and you’ll find there’s a long list of fun summer activity ideas for kids in foster care that you can all do together. 

The only problem is, what do you do first? From taking it easy while lounging under the stars to breaking a sweat on your next best hike and campout, the potential for fun summer activity ideas for kids is huge. As the days get longer, you’ll find there’s plenty more time to choose a new hobby, eat that new dish, explore the city, or just catch up on all the things you have all been missing out on throughout the colder months. 

You and your young ones are never going to feel bored at home again with this list of fun summer activity ideas for kids from Apple Fostering

15 Summer Camp at Home Ideas for Foster Children | Fun Summer Activity Ideas for Kids!

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#1 Go Stargazing 

A great summer camp at home idea is stargazing in the garden. Wait for a clear night, grab some blankets, and have a lie down on the grass. Or, make your kiddie pool work overtime by filling it with pillows and blankets. Get the whole family together, and host your very first family stargazing night.

#2 Create an Outdoor Relay Race 

Outdoor relay races can be really fun summer activities. After all, who needs to watch sports on the TV when you can come up with your very own foster care activities right at home? All you need to do is round up some supplies like hampers, pool noodles, and hula hoops. Then, turn your backyard into the best relay race summer camp at home idea anyone has ever seen. 

#3 Summer Mocktails Are In 

Let’s face it; summer isn’t perfect without a fruity drink in your hand. Whether you go fruity or loosey, you can all have a great time as you come up with some unique and special family creations. 

#4 Hiking Time 

You don’t have to live near nature to truly experience its beauty. Many towns have notable trails worth exploring; feel free to check out Trailfinder to find one close to you. 

#5 Roast Marshmallows 

Similar to mocktails, your summer vacation isn’t complete unless you have a campfire, and a round of ooey-gooey marshmallows smooshed between chocolate and crackers. Get out there and invest in a fire pit for your back garden, then get roasting with this fun summer activity idea for kids in foster care. 

#6 Glam Up the Pavement 

Unleash your inner artist and crack open a box of chalks. Use the pavement as your canvas, and compete to see who’s design comes out on top. You can even play games like tic-tac-toe or hopscotch. Make the competition more challenging by providing the winner with a prize.

#7 Become a Florist 

If you boast a garden filled with flowers, try your hand at putting together some beautiful bouquets. Again, feel free to make it competitive and provide the winner with a chance to display the winning bouquet in the house. 

#8 Take the Scenic Route

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again. Even your home town may have some sights that are yet to be discovered, and definitely worth seeing. Take the scenic route every now and then or head out for a lazy Sunday drive, and pay attention to the different scenes you view along the way. 

#9 Appreciate Nature with Gardening

Not only is investing in a herb garden cost-effective, healthier, and sustainable – it’s also a fantastic foster care activity, and stands as one of the best and truly fun summer activities for kids. It will be a great bonding session, but will also educate children on what they eat and will increase their skills. Gardening helps kids understand where their food comes from, and will provide them a tremendous sense of accomplishment to see something they planted sprout and bloom. Check out kidsgardening.org for ideas.

#10 Batter Up for Water Balloon Baseball 

Whether you have foster children or teens, this is an incredibly fun summer activity -no matter the age. It’s hard to resist the silly, giggle-inducing task of trying to hit a wobbly water balloon with a plastic bat. 

#11 Camp in Nature 

How often do you really get the opportunity to appreciate this beautiful planet we live on? How often do you look up at the night sky? The simple reminder that there’s a whole universe beyond Earth makes stargazing while camping so awe-inspiring. Whether you pull out your summer camp at home ideas and set them up in the back garden, or you pack up and head out to the wilderness – camping is the perfect way to bond and reacquaint yourself and your foster children with the universe. 

#12 Have a Game of Flashlight Tag 

Sure, it makes perfect sense to turn an ordinary game of tag into an extraordinary game of flashlight tag -especially when you’re embracing the warmth of the summer nights. For a guide on how to play, click here

#13 Set up a Slip and Slide

No pool? No problem. There are so many fun summer activity ideas for kids that are water-based and can all be set up in your garden. All you need is a hose or some sprinklers, and a slip and slide. 

#14 Grab Some Popcorn and Host an Outdoor Movie Night

Buy, rent, or even borrow a movie projector, pop some popcorn, and break out the ultimate inflatable mattress set up with pillows and blankets. Choose your favourite movie, get the snacks, and have yourself an incredibly fun summer activity for the whole family. 

#15 Compete in a Water Gun Race

Anyone who is highly competitive is going to absolutely love this summer activity. Punch holes in at least two plastic cups, string them up, and see who can propel them the fastest and farthest using a squirt gun.


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