To become a foster parent is probably one of the kindest, unselfish, and heartwarming acts that any person will do within their lifetime. We certainly understand what fostering involves and what it takes to become a foster parent, so we always encourage the idea wholeheartedly.

Throughout our daily conversations, we have heard many people say that they would like to experience foster care. They want to experience the warmth of a child’s love, their gratitude. It may be down to the fact that they want to help children in need as much as possible. Or, maybe because they’re unable to bring a child into this world themselves due to various reasons.

Regardless of why, there are so many reasons to become a foster parent, and we’re going to discuss just 7 of them now.

#1 Reap the Rewards

foster care

Trust us when we say that we know the foster care experience isn’t for everyone, but, at the same time, we open our doors for everybody looking into becoming a foster carer with Apple Fostering.

Fostering is one of the biggest, yet most rewarding leaps of faith that any human being can make. Combine that with the fact you’re able to make a huge difference to a less fortunate child’s future, and you have hit the jackpot.

Nothing is ever going to compare to the glory you feel once you see the vulnerable child or young person that you took in develop in confidence and esteem, all because of you, your care, your support, and your affection.

#2 Turn an ‘Empty Nest’ Into the Perfect Foster Home

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Let’s face it, you’ve done it all. Your children are all grown up, they’re all getting on with their lives, each on their own individual journey. So, what about you?

Well, now you’re in a great position to provide a child with an incredible sense of direction and consistency. With your experience and the knowledge you gained throughout all of the many, many, many, years of parenting, you’re now in a great position to provide a child with a purpose, a sense of direction, and overall, consistency in their day to day.

The experience you have as a parent is invaluable, so being a foster carer is the perfect way to help beat those ‘empty nest’ blues.

#3 Be the Difference You Want to See In the World

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We all know it, simple acts of kindness are what keeps the world spinning. If you’re able to put a smile on somebody’s face just once throughout the day, then you can give yourself a tap on the back.

There are so many reasons to become a foster parent, but this is probably the best one yet. Put simply – to make a difference.

When you join Apple Fostering, you’re going to become a foster carer to vulnerable children throughout London. You’re going to provide safety, comfort, health, and happiness. Maybe even a smile? Isn’t this on its own enough reason to become a foster parent?

#4 You Know You Can Help

become a foster carer

It may be because you have experienced foster care yourself, or, perhaps somebody close to you grew up with a foster carer. Either way, you’re definitely going to be able to understand just how effective it can be when it comes to providing children with a bright and prosperous future.

You have the experience, the understanding, and what it takes – so the better question is, why not become a foster carer?

#5 Enjoy the Challenge

sibling groups

When you become a foster carer, you’ll find that each child has their own unique set of needs and challenges. In addition, you will also get to work with many different people, from caseworkers, therapists, doctors, and school personnel. This part of the foster care experience will allow no two days to be exactly alike.

#6 Keep Siblings Together

Helping Child

The sad and honest truth is that there are really not enough homes that are big enough to fit sibling groups.

The bond between a brother and sister is one of the longest relationships a person has in life. If they were to be separated due to simple issues like ‘space’, it can be a heartbreaking struggle for everybody involved.

When siblings cannot be placed together, a child has to deal with the additional separation of being away from parents, and in addition to that, now their brother and sister.

If you have a home big enough to fit a group of siblings, then this alone is an absolutely great reason to become a foster parent. After all, you’ll be able to show them all the commitment they require, and of course, guide them to success.

#7 Helping a Child is All the Motivation You Need

For any foster carer out there, your main goal is to make the child’s life just that little bit more comfortable, happier, and all-around better. So, to assist you in your journey, you can rest assured that we at Apple Fostering are going to be here for every single stage of your foster care experience to provide you with all of the care, support, and training you may require.

From daily telephone calls to weekly meetings, we’re here for you. We’ll even offer you the opportunity to further educate yourself as a foster carer by introducing you to a wide range of specific courses and qualifications.

When you choose to foster with Apple Fostering, you can guarantee that we will always be here for you. If you’re ready to become a foster carer, or, you would just like to make an inquiry, get in touch with us today.

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