Can I Foster & Work Full-Time?

Fostering can take up a lot of your time, so you may be asking yourself, “Can I be a foster parent while I work full-time?” The answer is yes. With balance and work, you can continue to work full-time while taking on foster children.

Giving Up Fostering For Work 

Becoming a foster parent comes with many misconceptions. One of the biggest misconceptions is that fostering means giving up your working life to take care of a child. While taking on foster children can be a lot of work, it is not always necessary to drop everything and dedicate all of your time to the task.

Can You Work and Be a Foster Parent?

While it is true that it takes a lot of time, patience and effort to become a foster care, the foster care system does understand that you are providing a helpful service, and so you will not be deemed ineligible if you wish to continue working as a foster parent. However, the children’s circumstances and type of fostering may not be a match for you if you wish to work full time. 

Every foster care service will have its own policy regarding foster carers on a full time or part-time employment. However, they will understand that it is not realistic for every household to be able to provide in the same way and may not be able to give up a steady income. Every case is different, but the prime concern of fostering services is whether or not the foster children’s needs will be satisfactorily met.

There is no straightforward answer to whether or not you will be able to work full time and foster as there are multiple factors to consider. Therefore, it is best to research an agency and ask questions.

First and foremost, carers are expected to provide for children and are available to care for them whenever necessary. This includes various things such as attending school meetings, being a part of foster support groups and maintaining contact with the child’s family. Work that impedes this could deem you unable to become a foster parent

If you cannot balance the heavy demands of needing to work full-time and being a foster parent, then it may be inappropriate for you to consider fostering. This is especially important when it comes to younger children in foster care. Preschool-aged children will need constant support and have very specific needs, and usually require a carer who is available full time.

However, older children, for example, those in their teens and settled into a foster family will need much less supervision, and foster parents will be able to manage to balance full-time work. As long as there is a strong support network, full-time employment is definitely possible. This support could be in the form of a second adult in the household, a suitable after school club, or a full-time role that allows flexibility.

Can You Work Full-time and Foster Care as a Couple?

If you are a couple wanting to become foster parents, then even more flexibility is possible. With an added adult, the child’s needs will be more easily met. Either one of you can shuffle full-time work schedules to ensure there is always someone available for the child.

Fostering as a couple makes the process while working more realistic as you can share heavy demands among yourselves. However, it is vital to evaluate both loads of work commitments against the commitments of taking on foster children and assess the best way to approach making it work.

Short Term Fostering

If you desire to become a foster parent and assess how your life will look while also trying to work full time, you can start out but short-term fostering. A short-term placement is anything from one night to a couple of months. And can help you get a feel for how you can balance a busy life. Respite fostering such as this is used when a child needs to be removed to a safe place until a better solution can be found. Children usually return home or are found a new permanent home after this period.

Fostering while working full time is definitely possible but also comes with heavy demands and requires a perfect balance. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent reach out to Apple Fostering and start your journey to helping children in need now.

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