Yes, the foster carer shortage is real. The limited social interactions, the loss of jobs, the closing of schools, and the sharp economic downturn that impacted billions around the world, all caused by just one thing – the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s been almost a year of a lot of uncertainty for everybody, which in turn, has caused widespread change throughout the world. From the adjustment of how we work to the way we interact with each other, things are different now. But has anyone taken a minute to think about the 60,000+ children (in England or UK ) in foster care that now need our help more than ever?

The Foster Carer Shortage

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The number of children needing foster carers has soared to a whopping 44% during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the number of people looking to become foster carers has fallen by almost half over the same amount of time.

Right now, nobody really knows what’s going on. However, what we do know is that vulnerable children who may have experienced neglect or abuse are currently waiting to feel love, comfort, and safety. Foster carers really do make a delete difference to the lives of vulnerable children, especially when they need it most.

There has always been that one bit of hope for a vulnerable child. Foster carers can be the shields that protect them from what goes on in their wider world. They deal with difficult circumstances that children leave behind and try their very best to create a new normal in order to ensure that the child feels safe, and sheltered. However, right now, we’re missing around 7000 carers, and that’s just in London alone.

What You Can Do to Help

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All children in care need a family they can grow up with, who can love them, be ambitious for them and help them achieve their potential. For a growing number, foster care is the best option.

Here at Apple Fostering, throughout all the craziness, we’ve stood by one thing: that children and young people remain at the forefront of everything we do, regardless of how this pandemic continues to unfold. We know that the phase we’re going through can be unnerving, and really challenging times for everyone, but we also know that right now, children need a safe home more than ever.

Think you’re not the right fit? Well, foster carers come from all walks of life. Diversity is what sets each carer apart, similar to the children that they take in. When it comes to foster care, we don’t take your sexuality, your ethnic origin or your homeownership status into account. It’s the qualities and skills of caring for children, that set you apart. That, and determination in wanting to make a difference of course. As long as you’re able to provide love, safety, support and space, then you may well be the right fit.

Are you ready to make a beautiful difference in a child’s life If so, contact us today.

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