With every day that passes, all we do is count the cost of items. Whether it’s the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear, the cars that we drive, the home that we live in, or even how many times we decide to hit the snooze button on our alarm clock.

This is not something that is done with intent. In fact, it’s subconscious. We human beings are mathematicians by nature. Mathematicians develop topics that some may have no interest in pursuing, or push ideas far into the abstract, well beyond where others would stop.

When you think about it – isn’t this what foster care or adopting is all about?

Whether you’re in the midst of the adopting process, or you’re in two minds about it – we at Apple Fostering want to help you make a decision that you won’t regret.

So, will the cost of fostering a child be worth it? Let’s find out.

The Cost of Fostering a Child – The Value

Fostering a Child

Let’s face it, very few people in this world make serious decisions like getting married, or buying a house, without seriously considering the implications of what they’re about to do. However, most of the people that do end up in situations like these ultimately conclude one thing – it’s worth it.

This also applies when it comes to adopting and fostering costs. Whether this is of monetary value, or in the form of time, energy, emotion, convenience, comfort, and even normalcy.

No one has ever said that they would like to foster or adopt in order for their life to stay the same. In fact, nothing will be the same. The cost of fostering a child, especially in foster agencies London, can be daunting at first. It’s important to be aware of fostering costs and to not go into this with a different perception of what it might be.

With that being said, we can assure you that it is definitely worth it. As human beings that are granted with the opportunity to help others, many realize that the costs of fostering a child are so worth it for the gain a young child may receive. They will finally know the value of what it feels like to be fully and unconditionally loved by you, their foster parent.

Foster care has always been a way to beautifully express love to one that is less fortunate. We, with the opportunity to do so, should do so. We labor to love with the love we receive from our friends and family every single day. We do so in a cloud of uncertainties and unknowns, but with the confidence of one guarantee – it’s always unconditional. The costs of fostering a child are always worth the process, that’s a promise.

The Cost of Fostering a Child – The Allowances

Foster Care London

Whilst it’s important to count the financial costs you may incur if you foster or adopt; it’s equally as important to remember that you’re not alone.

When it comes to foster care London, or anywhere else in the UK, carers are paid an allowance to cover the cost of fostering a child. It’s an allowance that ranges from £412 to £690 per week, depending on the age of the child, and the level of complexity of the fostering task.

The allowance should cover the day-to-day cost of caring for a child. Mostly, it should get you toiletries, food, nappies, clothing, school equipment, leisure activities, pocket money, transport, as well as a contribution towards household bills. In some circumstances, additional payments can be made to cover the costs of other things that may be unexpected like school trips, holidays, etc.

The Cost of Fostering a Child – On Your Life

Cost of Fostering a Child

We’ve said it time and time again, fostering can have incredible effects on a child’s life. However, what about you, the carer?

Foster care challenges you to become the best version of yourself. This is due to the simple fact that in order to become a carer, you must first have a caring nature, and possess both empathy and patience. This means that first of all, you’re already one of life’s good people.

Whilst nothing can prepare you for the rewarding challenge you’re going to face, the costs of fostering a child  pay off due to the simple fact that they help you deepen your understanding and patience. Ultimately allowing you to become the best possible person you can be.

The responsibility of looking after a child will focus your mind on what’s important in life. Spending quality time together, creating memories that will last a lifetime. As impossible as it may seem, your heart will expand to hold enough love for every single child that comes into your home.

So, Should You Foster?

foster care agency

We’re going to be honest. If you keep thinking about foster care, talking about it, and you just can’t get it off your mind – it’s probably a sign that you would be absolutely amazing at it. At this point, you just need to go for it!

Stop thinking about whether or not you would be the right fit. If you speak to others that have taken up the responsibility of foster care, then you will see that the costs incurred will definitely be worth it for the gain the child will receive.

At the end of the day, our ‘’no’’ is going to be much more difficult on a child’s life than our ‘’yes’’ will ever be on ours. For this reason, we at Apple Fostering think that we should never neglect a child’s perspective in our own personal considerations about whether or not we should foster or adopt.

We believe that what we stand to lose pales in comparison to what everybody else, especially foster children, stand to gain.

Are you interested in foster care London or anywhere else in the UK? If so, contact us today.

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