Raising siblings is an amazing experience, but it can also be one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. For many families, fostering siblings is part of the reason they decided to foster at all – a chance to give children the security and stability that any child should have. But for other fostering families, keeping siblings together is a necessary part of their fostering journey for different reasons.

Foster care, as a whole, is a beautiful and powerful thing. In fact, one of the best parts about it is seeing how close siblings in foster care become. The issue of separating siblings in foster care has been written about before, many times. Thankfully, this issue has improved since its launch into the spotlight. But, there’s still a great deal that needs to change.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why separating siblings in foster care can have long-lasting adverse effects, the benefits of fostering siblings, and why fostering groups of siblings in foster care should always be your first choice. 

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Why Keeping Siblings in Foster Care Together Matters – Fostering Siblings


As the number of children in foster care increases, the need to keep siblings together grows as well. Research shows that doing so is advantageous for their development and life stability.

It really is close to impossible to imagine just how frightening entering foster care can be. You’re a young child, taken away from your parents, from the home you have always known. Regardless of what situation you find yourself in -it can be truly terrifying. 

For siblings in foster care, this trauma can unfortunately also be further deepened if they become separated from each other and placed into different foster homes. The fact that they’re no longer in their family home can come into play. But, it’s also because they have now lost the closest people they had in this world. If the child is older and is more aware, this can have daunting effects. 

To put it bluntly, separating siblings in foster care is simply something that everybody really just needs to stay away from. The fact of the matter is, a relationship between two siblings is usually extremely powerful. However, if you have two siblings that were born and raised within a challenging background, well, they can have a bond even more profound than you will ever be able to imagine. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits that come with keeping siblings in foster care close, and together. 


The Benefits of Foster Siblings

There are so many benefits of fostering groups of siblings together, but for now, let’s check out just a few of them. 


  • Fostering siblings makes settling into a new home and foster placement a little less traumatic. 


  • When fostering groups are kept together, studies show that they go on to achieve much better grades in school. A child struggling to adjust to their new situation is going to be a lot less likely to succeed academically.


  • Siblings in foster care can support each other when the going gets tough. This means that they will always have someone to lean on and support their emotional wellbeing, other than their foster parent, that is. 


  • When you don’t go through the process of separating siblings in foster care, you’ll find that both children will often settle much quicker. Since they receive adequate support from their brother or sister, they always tend to adjust to the situation much easier than those who unfortunately become separated. 


  • Research suggests that when fostering groups of siblings, you lower the risk of a failed placement. The children also benefit highly from fewer moves, which ultimately come with many emotional benefits. Often, siblings in foster care who are kept together feel more secure, and will always be there to help each other adjust to their new environment, family, and community. 


  • Fostering groups of siblings together can prevent a lifetime of longing and searching for lost brothers and sisters. 


  • The most significant benefit of all? Not separating siblings in foster care allows for a boost in their emotional wellbeing. Here at Apple Fostering, our job is to ensure that foster children who enter our care are happy, healthy, and exceptionally well looked after. That’s why we will always promote fostering siblings. When brothers and sisters are together, it causes much less emotional upset, trauma – which makes them happier overall. 

Final Thoughts on Fostering Siblings 

Fostering siblings can be extremely rewarding. All of the benefits you see above don’t just benefit the child that will be in your care. In fact, it also benefits you – the foster parent. The difference you’re about to make in the lives of these children is truly remarkable -one you and they will never forget. For your own sake and there’s, keep the family together. These children are already going through enough; they don’t need another change or separation in their life. Believe us; you will thank yourself later on down the line. 

Here at Apple Fostering, we will always, no matter what, try to keep siblings together. However, to continue to do this, we need your help. If you or anybody you know is able to provide a loving home, not just to one foster child, but to foster siblings – it would be amazing to hear from you. 

We make sure to provide full training and support. And, we promise to be by your side every single step of the way. Do you want to keep families together? If so, please contact us today

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