Let’s face it, no life is perfect, regardless of how wonderful it is. True dreams are a basis for joy and happiness in your life, but it doesn’t remove ordinary issues or hardships -for instance, like being in UK foster care. The one thing foster children still have is their ability to dream big from ambitious careers. After all, it is a key part of their childhood -one that helps them develop many vital life skills. 


Most children can take an everyday item—a box or a piece of tissue—and recognise its capacity to play a stronghold or a superhero’s cape for hours and hours. These seemingly fundamental interactions are essential for a child’s growth, enabling them to be creative and solve problems as adults. 


So, how can we encourage foster children to dream big and aim for some super ambitious careers in their life? In this article, we’re going to fill you in on the information you need, to help your foster child succeed. 


Take the Time to Learn About Your Foster Child


Spend time and notice your foster child’s likes and dislikes. Figure out both their shortcomings, and what they thrive in. 


Start meaningful conversations and listen to what they say. In this, you can better understand their hobbies, and the topics or activities they flourish in at school. If your foster child is an infant, observe their inherent skills and gifts, and help them to bring it to the surface purposefully. 


Often, your foster child will be absolutely amazing at something, and they won’t always know it. It’s your job to notice, and push them in the right direction through conversation and activities. 


Encourage Your Foster Child to Have Ambitions and Interests


Take diverse subjects and hobbies into account, and encourage your foster child to have as many interests and ambitions as they would like to. 


The most important thing to remember is that you should never discourage dreams, no matter how big they are. Encourage them to try anything and everything and motivate them to continue what they love the most. 


Dream Big – Ambitious Careers for Foster Children

Dream big ambitious careers

Explore Space as an Astronaut 


As children age, a large number of them fantasise about going into space. Children learn about space magic, study planets and stars, visit science museums on field excursions, and become inspired to learn more. They go to bed dreaming about space exploration, moonlight walks, a floating station, and drifting around in a jet pack. It ticks off so many boxes in the power of vivid imagination, and makes for a beautiful ambitious career for children of any age to aim for in their coming years. 




School is such a defining childhood experience. Many current teachers discovered that their love of children draws them to the role. Others found that their own love of learning provided them with a passion for teaching. 


Believe it or not, some youngsters dream about becoming a teacher. They love school, they love their environment, and they strive to educate the world around them with the knowledge ingrained within. 




Some foster children also aspire to become veterinarians. This ambitious career arrives at an early age, and it’s primarily found through a child’s love for animals in all forms and sizes.


Whether it is a goldfish or a puppy, your foster child may have different relationships and affection for animals. They understand that veterinary surgeons diagnose and treat the animals that they adore, and in turn, dream of becoming a veterinarian. 


To become a veterinarian takes a great deal of hard work and education. However, it may just be one of the most gratifying ambitious careers a person could ever aim for. 


Doctors or Nurses


Children, especially those in UK foster care, look up to the doctors and nurses of the NHS. They view them as superheroes, as they work their miracles to prevent illness in their loved ones. 


Being a doctor or a nurse is a common childhood goal. If your foster child has this ambitious career in their minds, ensure you encourage them to learn about it as much as you possibly can. 


A Professional Athlete


What do you want to be when you grow up?” 


Becoming a professional athlete is a dream for many, not just foster children. Whether your little one is interested in football, rugby, horse riding, tennis, or swimming – being a professional athlete comes with high rewards. Not only does it allow them to stay in tip-top shape for a significant portion of their life, but it also brings in the big bucks. 


There’s just one problem – so many children aren’t aware of just how much dedication, labour, and competitiveness are involved in following this ambitious career. While you should definitely motivate them to reach for greatness, you should also inform them of the key things they need to be aware of in any career path. 

children doctor ambitious careers

A Professional Dancer 


Blame it on ballet! So many children dream of becoming ballerinas. But of course, ballet isn’t the only type of dancing out there. Your little one also has the option to dive into modern dance, tap, jazz, and hip-hop. There is so much potential in the ambitious career of dancing -whether they aim for TV appearances or fun dancing in theme parks, encourage them to get moving and practicing. 


Police Officers and Detectives 


As foster parents, you know just how vivid a child’s imagination can be. They get hooked on books and shows about spies and detectives who solve mysteries, and they want to be like them when they grow up. 


Detectives and private investigators gain evidence to solve crimes. They boast courage and bravery, often being labelled as superheroes. When foster children see police officers or detectives, they see them as people who can protect them from the evil in the world -and they strive to be able to do the same for others one day.  


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