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What Does Foster Care Mean To You? Learn More About It

Foster care information

What Does Foster Care Mean To You?

Life without a home is possible? It is not and that is where foster care concept has started exclusively for the children and young people who are no longer living with their families. This is all about humanity, where a place is given to the homeless children where they live and is cared for by people who are not the child’s parents.

Meaning Of Foster Care

Foster care is one of the most important and rewarding roles played by many people today. Here, people love to become foster parents for providing children with new opportunities that they may not have had earlier. Those who love children and would like to do something for them can become foster carers and participate to help children and young people who are temporarily or even permanently unable to live with their birth family.

Duties of Fostering Carers

Being a responsible fostering parent, one will require performing various duties in order to help these needy children to grow. These duties are the real meaning of foster care and one should definitely know the same as follows-

  • Motivating the birth family for the family reunification process
  • Giving a house to a foster child with a separate room
  • Taking them out for their recreational activities
  • Helping these needy children to graduate from high school and help them with their career
  • Encouraging a foster child to rise above the issues of his past and move on with a good life
  • Offering emergency care for their health and wellness

Types of foster care

There are different kinds of foster care one should know in order to know more about foster care and how it works. They are as follows-

  • Long foster care provides to those vulnerable children or young people who cannot return home for a longer period, or never in the future.
  • Short-term care to the needy children for a month to 2 years. There is always a possibility for them to go home and the carers ensure to rejoin children with their birth parents.
  • Emergency foster care is given to the children when their safety is at immediate risk.
  • Respite care means planned care for a child for the shortest period of time, for say- one or two weekends a month.
  • Guardianship care means long-term foster care, where the carers can take full responsibility for a child or young person until they reach the age of 18.
  • Permanent care will be for those children who are no longer able to live with their birth family or relatives.

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