So far 2020 has impacted the lives of many around the world in a very negative way, but now comes the time for change. It’s time to flip this year on its back and make a start in creating a positive impact on the lives of local children. How, you ask? Well, why not become a foster carer?

At Apple Fostering, we believe that every single child deserves a happy upbringing, and we do all we can to embrace the life of any vulnerable child. This coming year could be yours for the taking. The year you implement positive change, the year you go forth to new beginnings, and most importantly,  the year that you start your foster family and join a team of foster carers that make a difference in the world, especially when it’s needed most.Happy Family

Do you have a big heart? Are you looking for something extremely worthwhile and rewarding? Well, perhaps 2021 might just be the year you begin your foster family journey. Struggling to make a decision? We’re about to make it easier for you.

Coming up – 4 Reasons why becoming a foster carer is a great goal to set yourself for 2021!

Why Become a Foster Carer? 4 Benefits 

Mother and baby

#1 Show love to vulnerable children and gain the opportunity to help them

When you become a foster carer, you’ll usually come across children from backgrounds of abuse, neglect, and some that may have even experienced being left behind. All of this causes them to face tremendous obstacles in their early days. Caring for a child can be such a powerful way to lift their spirits and show them that there is in fact hope for their futures.

#2 It’s extremely rare that people regret the decision 

Out of the millions of people around the world who have taken up fostering, very few found regret. In fact, research shows that those who did experience regret in their decision were not initially well informed of the process.

#3 Becoming a foster carer changes many lives

As we now know, caring for a child who’s vulnerable can positively impact their lives in a big way. But what about the people taking them in? Well, that’s the best part of becoming a foster family. Caring for a child in need doesn’t only add value to his or her life, but also to your family’s. It teaches compassion, love, how to share and care, and our personal favorite; how to be part of something bigger than themselves, showing gratitude each and every day.

#4 A good foster carer can help reduce barriers to learning for children

Education is important to everyone, but it’s absolutely crucial when it comes to the future success of our children and young people. As a foster carer, you’ll have the opportunity to help the child overcome any barriers, and ensure the best possible learning experience for your little one.

Become a foster carer today! Reach out to us at Apple Fostering, and let’s get you ready!

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